Get print book. No eBook available Varthamana Pusthakam. Front Cover QR code for Varthamana Pusthakam. Title, Varthamana Pusthakam. Contributor. Varthamana Pusthakam book written by Paramekkal Thomman Kathanar, in , is the first travelogue in an Indian language. Ursalem Yatra Vivaranam of Yohannan Sanyasi in , the book Colombilekulla Yatra Vivaranam () by Baselios Geevarghese Catholica Bava I, Kattakayathil by. Varthamanappusthakam is a Malayalam travelogue written by Paremmakkal Thoma Kathanar, . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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ruin of Syriac traditions and mentions about the Varthamana Pusthakam. Purathana Varthamana pusthakam, which is considered one of the earliest travel. Paremmakkal Thoma Kathanar: Author of "Varthamana Pusthakam", the first travelogue in an Indian language. Ramapurathu Warrier - Poet (Kuchelavritham). Delivered in 10 - 15 business days. See Details. Book Summary; Book Details; Preface; Inside Pages; Book Reviews; Editorial Review; e-books; Audio Books.

One is reminded of the practice in Gujarat where all the elderly are addressed by even kids as simply "bhai" elder brother even if he happens to be the prime minister.

The dominant presence of Syrian Malabar Nasrani Christians here also would have played a role in bringing about this unique social set up in Palai. Social change which swept the rest of Kerala naturally affected Palai also. In the second half the 20th century, as income from land got divided among the many children in each family, the more enterprising among them started the second wave of migration - this time to the high ranges in Idukki district and to the northern Malabar region of Kerala.

Many of today's residents in those regions confirm that their ancestors came from places in and around Palai. The s saw another development. As education became common, many young boys and girls from even middle-class families started going to Europe, USA, UK , Australia and New Zealand to work as Registered Nurses and other medical support staff.

This brought great prosperity to a section of population. This was followed by the so-called "Gulf Boom" in which, though late, even many from Palai also joined.


As the price of rubber became erratic there was massive influx into government jobs too. The s saw children from every family trying to get a job, preferably an overseas job.

The advent of the Information Technology boom made the dreams of many come true. Records and Achievements Meenachil Taluk, of which Pala town is the headquarters, has the unique distinction of holding innumerable records.

It is amazing that a rather remote Taluk located in the hilly inland could achieve so much. World Records: The Christian parish that is home to the largest number of priests in the world — Kozhuvanal Parish, Pala Diocese [16] priests. First head of a Homoeo Medical Dept. They went by foot up to Madras from where they sailed.

The voyage lasted nearly eight years. From Athirampuzha they first proceeded to Kayamkulam by a country-boat.

The journey then took them to Chinnapattanam, as Chennai was then known. From there they went to Kandy in Ceylon Sri Lanka of today. They were to sail to Portugal from there but adverse winds drifted their ship in the Atlantic Ocean taking it to the coast of Latin America.

A further journey from the Latin American coast took them to their destination. All their male folks including boys were slaughtered.

Christianity in Kerala

However, the ladies were spared. Also, the Travancore king gave them pension. The family had a successor only after a very long gap due to this genocide by the Travancore forces.

Christian settlers came to the area very early, probably at the invitation of the local rulers. It is believed that Pala market was established around on the banks of Meenachil River by Christian settlers on the land allotted by Meenachil Karthas , who were the local rulers. Geography and climate Located at , Pala is Pala Railway station is sanctioned through the construction started Angamaily- Sabarimala new railway line.


Mary's Shrine Jubilee Shrine also Known as Pala Kurishupally a shrine located at the centre of the Pala town, acts as the landmark of the town. A famous pilgrim centre nearby is the Alphonsa Church at Ramapuram, where the mortal remains of the Blessed Thevarparampil Kunjachan are kept.

Two main colleges of Pala comes under the area of this church.

Few Latin Catholic churches can also be seen in the place. The other denominations of the Syrian Christians are largely absent in Pala. Temples There are 11 temples in Pala Municipality.

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Kadappattor Mahadeva Temple which is situated on the bank of Meenachil River is the most famous Hindu temple in this region.Kottayam, Kerala: D C Books. A Rare Social Model Although Palai is very much associated with rubber cultivation, the widespread cultivation of rubber started here only around the middle of 20th century.


References 20 Etymology There are various versions regarding the origin of the place name. Today the different Saint Thomas Christian churches use different Bibles depending on their affiliation.


It was written in the 18th century [1] but then forgotten, being re-discovered in and first printed in by Luka Mathai Plathottam at Athirampuzha St Marys Press in the year Bailey completed the translation of old testament and printed it in Long before the debates on nationalism shaking the intellectual circles of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Thoma Kathanar vehemently argued that foreigners should be kept away from India and that it should be ruled only by Indians.

It is amazing that a rather remote Taluk located in the hilly inland could achieve so much.

Kayamkulam philippose Ramban who was a malankara syrian christian monk firstly translated few books of holy bible from syriac to malayalam. Initially he studied Sanskrit and Syriac from teachers nearby.