Bachelor of Commerce (venarefeane.cf) Programme fulfils the mission of CDOL, To provide an opportunity to get a venarefeane.cf degree to those who find it too difficult. This report, written by the London European Partnership for Transport . The COMMERCE Project has directly developed and enhanced the. venarefeane.cf Part-3 Project Work - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The final project report should be submitted by the end of February.

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intelligence business environment environment businesss management paradise PGDOM PGDHRM DIM PGDMM PGDFM PGDIM PGFM PGDFMP PDF Free. Rise of E-Commerce- The Indian Scenario Page 1 of 37 PROJECT REPORT ( Submitted for the Degree of venarefeane.cf Honours in Accounting. Hi, Choosing a right topic for your project is the key to good project work.A few suggestions- 1. Job satisfaction among NRI's 2. Job satisfaction among out of.

It is a conscious decision taken by the employees to reduce paper usage, save energy and cost by switching off lights when not required and print only when necessary, as an effort to drive the green movement within the organization. Employee volunteer programs We believe that employees are the real value creators who can make a difference not only to the organization but their collective effort can change the society itself.

With over events organized in the last one year, the council is by far the most active of councils in the organization. The aim of the CSC council is to improve, guide and inspire the underprivileged people, through various assistance programs, and by working with many NGOs and charitable organization.

Model Project - BCom

As the Chinese proverb says 'download him a fish and you will feed him for a day, teach him to fish and you will feed him for life'. Other than this, personality development programs, summer workshops and vocational trainings courses are also organized for these students. Through this initiative basic awareness, knowledge and skills were imparted to over guards posted at the various HCL facilities with the aim of improving their quality of life, increase their awareness levels and empower them to work better.

Till now over 60 children have been rehabilitated. In the last one year, employees have raised nearly Rs. As part of the program, couple of kiosks have already being set up at our facilities in Noida and Gurgaon, which will be followed by similar set ups across the country. The group takes a comprehensively holistic approach to property development - undertaking projects that will have a beneficial impact on not just the immediate customer, but on society itself.

Corporate social responsibility is central to what HCL does.

The Group builds communities - not just houses - but also facilities for shopping, entertainment and employment. This is a direct response to the nation's settlement trends over the last half century.

For decades now developers have built housing outside of Port of Spain while the vast majority of jobs, activities and infrastructure are created within. This has had several negative consequences for the society.

Citizens are forced to endure hours of traffic to get from and to the capital. They are forced to accept a lower standard of public utilities.

Most importantly, they are forced to live in communities that are incomplete and lacking in amenities that enhance living. HCL's whole development philosophy is about correcting Trinidad and Tobago's settlement crisis. One of its major community-focuses initiatives is skills training - an area that not only benefits society, but HCL as well.

Either through partnerships with other organizations or on its own, HCL has created courses and training schemas for both the general public and its employees.

Working with Trinidad Cement Ltd, HCL offers a skills training programme in masonry, construction techniques and the use of concrete-type products. The Group also runs a programme for electricians.

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CSR strategies such as these not only benefit the national community by giving people a viable skill, they also create a pool of skilled workers that HCL can draw upon for their many development projects. Training is also a major component of HCL's offerings to its employees.

The Group gives intensive training for security guards and certification courses for its carpenters and plumbers. In addition, because HCL consists of over 20 companies with a wide variety of operations, employees get the benefits of working with and learning from others with different skill sets.

Investing in the East HCL began its property development agenda in Trincity, and since that time the Group has placed major emphasis on the development of Eastern Trinidad.

This focus extends into its charitable contributions to the community. These include measures like school book programmes and civic celebrations. The Asian CSR Award rates corporates on the basis of implementing programs and initiatives that demonstrate leadership, sincerity as well as on-going commitment in incorporating ethical values.

The award recognises the contribution of companies through their endowment or contribution toward improving the level of education of their employees, their community and their nation. TCS set up the 'Adult Literacy Programme' to help the Indian government eradicate illiteracy, a major social concern affecting a third of the Indian population comprising of old and young adults.

Today, India's literacy rate stands at around 65 per cent, up from 52 per cent in At the rate of increase, it would take some 20 to 25 years to clear this problem.

With the traditional method of learning to read and write, an illiterate person would take between six months to two years with trained teachers to learn to read and write. In addition, India will also need about 1 million teachers to deliver the training. To accelerate the rate of learning, the literacy program uses a TCS-designed computerbased functional literacy model, a teaching method that uses multimedia software to teach adults to read within learning hours -- spread over 1 to 1.

No modern society can function without a literate population and no one can function well in a modern society without being literate," says S Ramadorai, Chief Executive Officer, TCS. The computer-based functional literacy method uses animated graphics patterns for visualisation and audio appreciation. By combining graphic patterns of visualisation, repetition of sound patterns and language structures and cognition of the meaning, a person is made to read.

This CBFL method is implemented using computers and flash cards. TCS works closely with governments both at the state and district level to develop and deploy CBFL packages in the local language, as a supplement to their programs.

TCS is committed in using computers and IT as the medium to facilitate the process, monitor administration and manage logistics. Adult literacy empowers and will be key in moving the people and country forward," says Ramadorai. Centre for Corporate Responsibility. The centre is a research and program hub with the mission of developing professional, entrepreneurial and socially responsible leaders and managers.

Some of these programs, including Explora Vision, have become integral to the science and math curriculum at many schools throughout the U. The inspiration for our long-term emphasis on science and math education was Hisashige Tanaka, founder of Toshiba. He has been called the Thomas Edison of Japan, and is credited with building Japan's first working model of a steam locomotive, manufacturing electric bulbs, cables, prototype telephones, industrial machinery and other products.

The company he founded in , Tanaka Engineering Works, provided the foundation for today's diverse Toshiba Group Companies. Tanaka endowed Toshiba with a legacy and spirit of innovation that continues to today. By continually developing innovative technologies centering on the fields of electronics and energy, Toshiba strives to create products and services that enhance human life, and contribute to a thriving healthy society.

The ExploraVision Awards challenge students to envision technology of the future. Toshiba America Foundation is a non-profit grant making organization dedicated to supporting K - 12 science and mathematics education in the United States.

Toshiba America Foundation TAF is a non-profit grant-making organization dedicated to supporting science and mathematics education in the United States. The Foundation supports quality science and math education by providing funds for projects designed by teachers to enhance instruction for students in grades K By funding hands-on science projects that explore real-world questions, TAF helps to underscore the importance of science and technology, and spark interest in further science learning.

Environment "One of our core commitments is the Toshiba Group Environmental Vision , with an aggressive goal of raising the eco-efficiency of our products and business processes 10 times by as we endeavor to address one of today's most pressing problems, global warming.

b.com Part-3 Project Work

Customer relationship management. Risk and return analysis. Study and analyse such schemes with respect to their MSR profile. This can be done over the years or between 2 companies or within a company. OR Analysis can be done by taking instruments instead of time focus.

The risk profile of such instruments can be studied and analysed. This can be done for any financial instruments i: Take one case study with focus on: SCTools of Indirect Finance. This can be done on the basis of time vis a vis different instruments.

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Vishnu Prakash.We have many free ideas from the list at the footer of our site with sample project topics for commerce in various fields. E-commerce and its relevance. Actions Shares. The topic you choose to study should be very realistic and interesting, the reason you should also look for the most interesting B.

OR Analysis can be done by taking instruments instead of time focus. Advancing further into our Go Green initiative, the event was taken as an incentive to plant more than oak trees in 2.