Includes: CD with software, Service Manual, Smart UPS signalling RS cable, User Manual, Web/SNMP Management Card. SURTXLI - APC Smart-UPS RT VA V. Schneider Electric SURTXLI Image. View all Smart-UPS On-Line . Documents and Downloads. Curve fit to measured runtime data. All measurements taken with new, fully charged batteries, at typical environmental conditions, with no.

Apc Surt10000xli Download

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SURTXLI APC Smart-UPS RT VA / Watts V For additional Information please download attached Brochure or call us on APC Smart-UPS RT VA from Critical Power Supplies ideal for network servers and VOIP applications, comes complete with 2year repair or replace warranty | SKU: SURTXLI. Downloads. Product Datasheet. The APC by Schneider Electric Smart-UPS RT is a high-performance, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) that provides protection for electronic equipment from.

This stage converts negative line half rectified voltage to negative DC bus voltage of V. The bottom line is that when operating on line both PFC stages are operating as boost converters each processing half of the total output power per phase. The battery voltage is fed through a filter and inrush stage to both positive and negative PFC stages.

The battery filter consists of chokes and two electrolytic capacitors. The function of the filter is to prevent high frequency ripple from PFC stage going back to battery and to provide differential mode filter for high frequency noise emanating from battery buses or cables in case of external battery packs.

The inrush stage as its name says during startup limits the battery inrush current.

APC Smart-UPS RT 10000VA 230V Harsh Environment

When the battery is connected to the input of the PFC stage, the battery filter capacitor and positive DC bus capacitor charging current is limited through two 50 ohm PTC resistors. When capacitors are charged to battery voltage inrush relays are switched into closed position bypassing the PTC resistors.

Network grade power conditioning protects from damaging surges and disruptive noise. The double conversion architecture provides tight voltage regulation, frequency regulation ,and zero transfer time to battery during power events. Low operating and maintenance costs with proven reliability and intelligent battery management.

Intelligent battery management, pioneered by APC, maximizes battery performance and life through intelligent, precision temperature compensated charging.

Automatic self tests insure battery reliability and warn customers in advance of battery replacement.

Convenient, easy to connect, hot-swappable battery modules provide battery replacement without powering down. Network manageable via serial, USB or Ethernet.

Peace of mind that comes with full equipment compatibility and reliability of a leader Provides pure sine wave output which is recommended by server manufacturers using active power factor corrected PFC power supplies.

Virgin Islands, Vietnam Options. If the battery ages and is 'exhausted', the constant is overwritten.

APC Smart-UPS RT 10000VA 230V

The management software calculates the runtime of the UPS with these constants. If the battery is now replaced, a self test must be done with the new batteries.

Through it, the red battery replace indicator goes out and the battery constants should be reset to the standard settings. This does not occur in some cases. Therefore, the constants must be reset manually in order to correct this situation. The only problem is that this has to be done by physically connecting the serial cable to the UPS, so I was not able to try this out yet.

Switch off the UPS once again till you hear a click.If the battery does not fit, do not be tempted to install it "externally". Feloniously terminatory sprit is the childermas. If the battery is now replaced, a self test must be done with the new batteries.

High Sensitivity Mode In the event of any type of voltage disturbance, the UPS will transfer to battery power and watch the AC line until it can transfer back to line. Remember that if the unit is an older model, then the runtime will not improve significantly.

Enter a favourite name and click on OK. Yuasa aka Genesis is also a recommended brand, albeit a bit on the pricey side.

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