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"PARANORMAL ROMANCE DOESN'T GET BETTER THAN THIS." -Love Vampires PRAISE FOR THE NOVELS OF NALINI SINGH Archangel's Blade "[A]. offer a simple DMCA procedure to remove your content from our site. Start by pressing the button below! Report copyright / DMCA form · DOWNLOAD EPUB. Archangel's Kiss. Guild Hunter (Series). Book 2. Nalini Singh Author Justine Eyre Narrator (). cover image of Archangel's Kiss.

She tracked them, bagged them, and returned them to their masters-the angels. That pay was very healthy.

It had to be to compensate for the fact that hunters occasionally had their jugulars torn open. Still, Elena decided she needed a pay raise after her calf muscle started protesting.

She'd been stuck in a cramped corner of an alley in the Bronx for the past two hours, a too tall female with pale, almost white hair and silver eyes.

The hair was a pain in the butt. According to her sometimes friend Ransom, she might as well wear a sign announcing her presence. Since dyes wouldn't work on it for longer than two minutes, Elena had a great collection of knit caps.

She was tempted to pull her current one down over her nose, but had a feeling that would only intensify the malodorous "ambience" of this dank piece of New York City. That led her to thinking about the virtues of nose plugs- Something rustled behind her.

She swiveled. Satisfied the animal was what it seemed, she returned her attention to the sidewalk, wondering if her eyes shone as freakily as that cat's. It was a good thing she'd inherited dark gold skin from her Moroccan grandmother or she'd have resembled a ghost.

This vamp had led her on a merry chase-through his own sheer stupidity. He didn't know what he was doing, which made him a little hard to second-guess.

Ransom had once asked her if it bothered her to round up helpless vampires and drag their sorry asses back to a life of virtual slavery. He'd been laughing hysterically at the time. No, it didn't bother her. Just like it didn't bother him. The vamps chose that slavery-of a hundred years' duration-the instant they petitioned an angel to Make them almost-immortal.

Archangel’s War

If they had stayed human, if they had gone to their graves in peace, then they wouldn't have found themselves bound by a contract signed in blood. And while the angels did take advantage of their position, a contract was a contract. A flash of light in the street.

There was the target, chomping away on a cigar and boasting on his cell phone about how he was a Made man now and no prissy angel was going to tell him what to do. Even with several feet of distance between them, she could smell the sweat pooling under his armpits. The vampirism hadn't yet advanced enough to melt away the fat he wore like a spare coat, and he thought he could run out on a contract with an angel?

Walking out, she pulled off her knit cap and stuffed it in her back pocket. Her hair tumbled around her shoulders in a soft cloud, distinctive and bright. It wasn't a risk. Not tonight. She might have been well known by the locals, but this vampire had a distinct Australian accent. He'd recently arrived from Sydney-and his master wanted him back in that city, pronto.

Elena barely stopped herself from rolling her eyes.

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He wasn't even fully formed-the canines he'd flashed in surprise were only baby teeth. No wonder his master was pissed.

The bonehead had to have scuttled after not much more than a year or so of service.

She knew what he saw. A lone female with bimbo blonde hair, dressed in black leather jeans and a form-fitting long-sleeved top in the same color, no visible weapons. Because he was young and stupid, the image made him relax. That was when Elena leaned forward, one hand sweeping behind her back and under her top. Ebose is very disappointed in you. His eyes bulged red, but instead of screaming, he stood silently in place. A hunter's necklet had a way of freezing a man.

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Fear was a live thing skittering across his face. She'd have felt sorry for him if she hadn't known that he'd torn out four human throats in the course of his escape. That was not acceptable. The angels protected their get but even they had limits-Mr. Ebose had authorized the use of any and all force necessary on this one. Now, she let that knowledge bleed into the open, let the vampire see her willingness to hurt him. His face lost what color he'd managed to retain.

L'hébergement gratuit a atteint sa fin

She smiled. Damn, but she loved the necklets. It was an order from an archangel. Clear the skies above. Empty the land around. The Legion were moving even as the last word echoed in their minds. He was one of the Seven. With his own mind. The Bluebell dropped to the grass, then ran inside the house.

The Legion broke into four parts and swept the area. Winged beings were already flying toward the river at high speed, their faces stark and their jaws determined. Hell, I have taken me 5 days just to finish this book. Because I couldn't find the interest to pick the book up again and continue it.

Ugh, now I have to struggle to continue my re-read of this series to read the new ones. How many books are there planned in this series? Last I checked it was only supposed to be 12, will there be now more? An old friend of Raphael.

See a Problem?

He is roughly a thousand year old vampire. He has the ability to use a Scent-Lure.

He has a pair of unique eyes that resembles a snake. He is the Weapons Master. He is an angel with black wings. Reservedly friendly with Raphael; believes in honor. He was the antogonist in Angels' Blood. As an Archangel he was a member of the Cadre of Ten. He and Michaela had been in a long term relationship—about fifty years.Hi Julie, can you repost legion, heart, shadows please.

Does anyone have Archangels Prophecy 11? Crusted and dried and flaky, it had turned into a kind of rust on his skin. A group of the Legion rose into the air, two to a vampire. In many ways, he was the opposite of Aodhan, the angel so broken, he couldn't bear the slightest touch. Regardless of his need, Jason allowed very few people to touch him outside of the bedroom; for the touch of a friend, it was a far different thing than the caress of a lover taken in the dark of night and left behind when morning broke.

Not until after.