bookmyshow Android Apps - Download with Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, LG, ZTE, Sony, Motorola, Nokia, Lenovo, Alcatel, Umidigi, BlackBerry. Editor review - BookMyShow gives almost complete online booking access to Movie Tickets App Online Booking Allows user to book Movie tickets for All from. A simple java application project on bookmyshow.. Contribute to horowest/ bookmyshow-java development by creating an account on GitHub.

Book My Show Java App

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Contribute to rohanrc/Movie-Ticketing-bookmyshow-clone-JAVA-app- development by creating an account on GitHub. import venarefeane.cfr; class BookMyshow { private String move_name; private String thetre_name; private int cost; void movies() {. Design a movie ticket booking system like Bookmyshow. We need to design an Java skeleton code to design an online movie. // booking system. Enums.

MovieStatus movieStatus;.

String theaterName;. Adress adress;. String city;. String pinCode;. String state;.

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String streetNo;. String landmark;.

Class SeatBook. String place;. String ticketType;. Recommended Posts: Check out this Author's contributed articles.


Besides, the admin may add a new venue. Admin sends the offer detail to the user, like a promo code, coupons, etc. Manage Content: Admin is responsible to manage the app content, both in form of text as well as Image form.

Design a movie ticket booking system like Bookmyshow

Push Notifications: Admin sends the push notifications to the users to inform about new offers, updates, show timings, etc. Scan Ticket: Ticket checker will scan the QR code of the ticket that interprets the ticket to find whether it is valid and genuine or not.

Advanced Features: Integrated Calendar: This feature is quite useful to the users. They can easily manage calendar using customization facility, which helps users to keep track of their schedule and stay prepared in advance.

BookMyShow’s new Progressive Web App drives an 80% increase in conversions

Using this feature, users can find where exactly the location is and can also find the most optimized routes. Here users are allowed to add their favorite places, hence saving the hassle of starting it all over time and again. Visual Media Integration: In order to make the app more appealing to the app users, visual media can be integrated.

Visual data is a great way to enchant the users and increase their engagement with the app. Global Currencies Support: In the times of today, where the market is constantly thriving, it is nearly impossible for the apps to gain overwhelming success by just targeting local audience or local market. Well have you got bewildered by the features, already?

Then there is definitely something more waiting for you… the benefits. Here are some of the benefits of online ticketing app.

Benefits for the investors: Tracking and prioritising One of the major benefits is to track the customer ids and work according to their priorities. This helps create better relationship with the customers and at the same time giving them a satisfying experience.

If by chance any problem arises, regarding booking, cancelling or payment, it will be feasible to solve them via app as all the programs are integrated, providing the customers better familiarity and speedy solutions. Feedback The process of feedback is beneficial for both the owner and the users, as it creates a room for improvement.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Ticket Booking App like Stubhub

The feedbacks given by the users help the owners to grow with a faster pace and make advancements where ever needed. Providing services to the end users up to their satisfaction is an important task. So how is it useful for the customers? Here are some of the benefits for the users of the app: Effortless tickets booking for movies, concerts and events Now; no pain of getting up at 9am for the show at 12, to download the tickets.

Search optimisation for location, city and the event The trouble of travelling to the places, in order to get the ticket has now solved.

With help of the app, you can look for the nearest place, city and the event you wish to attend just with a click. The only solution you require is to download the app, opt for the screens you wish to enjoy from single to multiple screens and you are good to go.

Diverse feature of reaching at reviews and trailers Doubtful about the movie? Unsure regarding the choice?Join me on Twitter.

United States Language: Once the location is selected, the user navigates to the home screen.

Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Go back. Ticket Verification via QR Code: Upon arrival at the location at show time or movie time, users need to show the QR code they received as a message on their phone number and email ID, so to get their ticket verified.