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I have read and enjoyed all Jo Nesbo's novels that have been translated to English. Heroic stories generally require that good wins out over evil. In this story, they fight to a standoff, and that is a good part of the reason readers have found this novel to be much more dark than its precursors.

Reformed alcoholic Harry Hole has left the police force and fled to the far side of the world. A renowned tracker of serial killers, Harry now makes his living as the fist in the velvet glove of a Hong Kong loan shark.

His detective skills and instincts are mostly intact, and, for the second time, a compelling situation draws him back to the mean streets of Oslo to unravel a mystery.

The story is complex, and the plot a bit plodding. As noted by most reviewers, there are twists, turns and surprises that gratify and shock the reader. I found the book hard to put down, but I also found it rough around the edges.

To wit essential plot details are provided as background through a dying soliloquy that starts at the beginning of the book and continues at crucial points up until the end. At a certain point, I found myself thinking "Just die, would you?

Keeping the players straight is a challenge, and a bit more vigorous editing would have improved the product. And Harry's relationship with the love of his life, Rakel, is both one of the most puzzling dances to grace the printed page and the underpining of this story. I'll read the next Jo Nesbo title for sure.

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I'm just not certain I will be looking forward to it with the same degree of anticipation as I did for Phantom. Back home, he confronts the chilling reality that year-old Oleg, son of Rakel Fauke, the love of his life, has been arrested for the murder of a junkie and is now in prison. In pursuing his desperate effort to prove the innocence of the boy who used to call him Dad, Harry becomes embroiled in a puzzling network of junkies, street people, dope dealers, corrupt policemen, and a politician on the make, and, despite his reluctance, reunites with Rakel.

The tale unfolds through twists and turns, puzzling to the end — with major questions left unanswered. I have two to go The Snowman and Police.Harry Hole 9 More Product: At every turn, Harry is faced with a wall of silence.

Nesbo is a terrific writer and he has created a compelling character in Harry Hole. To get started finding Phantom, you are right to find our website which has a comprehensive collection of ebook listed.

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Now he's back, but the case he's come to investigate is already closed, and the suspect already behind bars. Denied permission to reopen the investigation, Harry strikes out on his own, quickly discovering a trail of violence and mysterious disappearances apparently unnoticed by the police.

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