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Pre-teachor Unit 4 H The metaphor of 'open[ing] a door in yourbrain Unit 6 let 7 've never liked 8 'm thinking 9 'm Revised FCE Result. Target Cambridge English: First is the updated edition of Target FCE, Richmond's Teachers can access a range of unit tests in the Richmond Test Manager. Richmond Target Exams Course | Target FCE. The Workbook, Teacher's Book and CD-ROM provide an additional hours of material. Extras include

Recently, Ed went back to thecamp in Utah for a further course of therapy. Hismother hopes that this time it will prove moresuccessful. Key1 law 6 beautiful2 control 7 home3 running 8 money4 animals 9 stealing5 mother 10 successful4 Encourage students to use vocabulary andstructures from this section in their discussion. Focus on key expressions such as it helps themto… ; they learn how to … ; it stops them from …-ing, which you can also use to revise the topicof infinitive and -ing structures after verbs that iscovered in the Grammar section of this unit.

Check that they understand the more difficultexpressions used in the sentences, e. Suggested answersa The people in photo 1 are walking through thejungle. Key wordscould include: Speaker 2 is talking about photo 2. Speaker 3 is talking about photo 1. Speaker 4 is talking about photo 2. Speaker 5 is talking about photo 1. Speaker 2I imagine that they might be feeling quite tired.

At the same time, they must be feelingreally pleased with themselves for having reachedthe top. I love that sense of achievement you get fromclimbing up really high.

I hate the idea of notbeing able to see very far ahead! Speaker 4They must be feeling excited. I would hatebeing in that kind of climate. This is something students need to be able todo in Paper 5 Part 2, where they will get credit forspeculating about the photos.

Also, point out the use of would by the speaker: They must be feeling exhilarated. Keya nervous e ifb terrified f ideac imagine g mustd sense h probably5 Students can discuss these points in pairs or smallgroups. Ask them to take turns in asking andanswering the questions. Encourage them to try toanswer all the questions before they look at theirdictionaries. Key1 a to b on2 a in b at3 a of b with4 a for b of5 a in b of6 a of b about2 Keya at f byb on g onc in h atd on i overe to3 Tell students to answer the question using no morethan two sentences.

Suggested answerSome people think Cute Knut should have beenallowed to die because raising him by hand is sounnatural. In the wild, he would have died. Also remind them that not allthe missing words will be prepositions. Key1 all 7 of2 with 8 too3 in 9 have4 would 10 he5 by 11 as6 with or among 12 with or in 5 The discussion can be done either in pairs or as aclass, depending on how much time is available.

Keya birds, sheepb cows, elephantsc cards, dogsd bananas, flowersOptional activityTell students to add one or two other nouns toeach list, e. Elicit othercollective nouns. You could also tell them to use aset of for groups of items that need a fixed numberto be complete, e.

Keya 4b 1c 7 A film crew or TV crew are the peopleworking on the productions who are not actors,e. Suggested answerHow long are volunteers expected to stay in Peru? How physically challenging is the expedition? Elicit that the style of the email is fairlyformal point to the use of formal words in thetext such as: There is an assessed authentic answer to this taskon page 7 of the Writing and Speaking AssessmentBooklet.

Compare answers as a class before students checktheir ideas in 2. MonsieurMangetout Michel Lotito , shown on page 35,can eat objects made from metal, glass, rubber,and plastic. BenUnderwood was blind but could find his wayaround using a form of sonar. The words now and recentlyalso show a connection. The sentence afterthe gap gives more information about whathe did. Thisalso contrasts with however after the gap.

Target FCE Teacher's Book Pack (Teacher's Book & Class Audio

The sentence after the gap explains howBen used sound to navigate. Waterand oil contrast with surprisingly, bananasand eggs. Keya gorgeous g astoundedb hideous h hilariousc filthy i furiousd spotless j exhaustede boiling k ancientf freezing l starving2 You could show students how to use a thesaurus. Explain that some of these synonyms are lesscommonly used than others and that they shouldtry to learn them in context. Suggested answersa huge, enormous, massive, giant, vast, gigantic,mammothb tiny, minute, miniature, microscopicc great, fantastic, fabulous, amazing, excellent,incredible, wonderful, superb, super, brilliantd awful, terrible, dreadful, appallingTB.

When you have markedthe stories, go through some of them in class as away of revising this topic. Trying topredict the type of vocabulary they might hearfor each one is good preparation for the task,especially as the situations are unconnected. The symptom spread to otherstudents, although apparently the teachers were notaffected.

Eventually, the school had to close and thestudents went home. The epidemic spread to one of the villages that thegirls went home to — and from there, to other schoolsand villages in the region.

People affected by theepidemic suffered from frequent attacks of laughterwhich made them unable to work or study. Thisone overlooks the street. The alarm clock is broken too.

Not that I couldsleep, of course — not in that hard, lumpy old bed. I even tried the armchair instead, but that was nobetter. Spending hours insuch a small space can do strange things to yourmind! Can you makeit? I was sorryto hear that.

Really sorry. What, thirty-one? Hang on — look, sorry,Martin. Can I call you back later? OK — must go. Best holiday ever. Wetravelled most of the way by coach — it took us over24 hours. Thenit was an exhausting three-day walk through theheat of the jungle.

We all had backpacks with tentsin them — spent two nights sleeping in the jungle! It was terrifying — all those weird noises at night.

Target Fce Sb

But fascinating too. Theythink they know. For example, one couple asked me tocome up with a new house for them in the country. We talked about what kind of property they wantedand I suggested a few ideas for what it could looklike. But as we talked about it, it became clear thatthey hated the countryside!

What they should havedone is just download an apartment in central London, notbuild a house in the middle of nowhere! This left the researcherswith more than a thousand bursts of laughter toanalyse. Mostof the subjects produced a wide range of laughtertypes. But women produce voiced, song-like burstsof laughter more often than men, Bachorowski found,while men are more likely to grunt and snort.

Photo 3 is a fashionshow. Photo 4 is a photography exhibition. You could ask students what kind of show is men-tioned in the tapescript but is not shown in the photos— modern sculpture made out of rubbish.

Great idea! Especially modern dance. Inever have. I know. I read a review of it in amagazine. Shall we goand see that? Is thereanything else on? There are lots of other things on. For example, there are a few tickets available forthe final day of fashion week. Do you like fashionshows? How about a talentshow? There are comedians,dancers — and novelty acts.

Like this guy in thephoto who eats light bulbs and keys and thingslike that. Allow about five minutes. The answer to the questioncan be found in the first sentence of the report, butstudents should read the whole text to check theiranswer.

Keyc3 Remind students that clues to the answers mightbe before or after the gap. Key1 B2 A3 A only children have no brothers or sisters. Keya up withb downc upd down toe downf upg uph up to2 Explain that the alternative words are correct,but normally sound more formal than the phrasalverbs.

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An exception is c, where accommodatesounds unnaturally formal in this context and thenormal choice would be put me up as here or giveme a room, let me stay, etc. Keya I must find a new apartment. Herolder siblings are always humiliating her. Atfirst, he explained this as being the result ofstress.

Fortunately, myparents have agree to provide half the amount. Refer them to the GrammarReference p. He asked us if we were going to download his house. If you have a monolingual class, you could letthem explain the difference in their own languagebefore they refer to their dictionary. Suggested answersa When you explain something, you make itclear. When you admit something, you agreethat it is true, but unwillingly.

When you state something,you say it clearly and carefully. When you advise somebody, you saywhat you think they should do. To add means to saysomething extra. To claim means to say thatsomething is true, even if other people do notbelieve it.

The story contains replied, promised and explained. Keya The last sentence could be changed to: See Vocabulary 2c. See Vocabulary 2a. Remind them that the second tip,about using appropriate reporting verbs and notjust said, was covered in exercise 3.

There is an assessed authentic answer to this taskon page 8 of the Writing and Speaking AssessmentBooklet. Pre-teachor elicit some relevant adjectives, e.

Elicit or explain the differencebetween talent which you are born with and skill which you can learn and develop. Suggested answersSinger-songwriter: See which are the most popularchoices for each category. Suggested answers: Franz Ferdinand, Youcould have it so much better; Songs: David Gray: Encourage them to follow the stages whenapproaching this task.

They should specificallybe looking out for conjunctions that either followon from e. Taken together, the sentences mean: She tore theletter up OR She tore up the letter. I ran into Joe yesterday but not I ran Joe intoyesterday. KeyBy the use of this symbol between the object andthe particle: Encourage them to includelocally produced films as well. Get them to note down relevantvocabulary not included in exercise 2.

They should identify the use ofsimple and continuous forms in the examples. Keya see means understand in the first sentence andhave a relationship with in the second. Tapescript 9A Right, how many places have we been to in thehospital? When we left the ward, I still hadmy bag.

Thelift took ages to arrive.

Target FCE Teachers' Pack (Teacher's Book & Class Audio CD)

A Then we went to the cafeteria. Did you have itthen? B Yes, I paid for the coffees. A And you still had it? B Not sure. The digital components now offer more support for students, including two complete online practice tests, with a step-by-step guide to the exam in Trainer mode, and extra practice activities online. Teachers can access a range of unit tests in the Richmond Test Manager. The print material has been fully updated by experienced exam item writers, but maintains its user-friendly format and focus on personalization.

First can be used as part of the Target series or as a stand-alone resource for B2 First preparation. What is Target Cambridge English: It prepares students for the Cambridge English: What is different about Target Cambridge English: The course was revised by experienced exam item writers to meet the requirements of the new exam.

The print material has been updated, but maintains its user-friendly format and focus on personalisation. He found sharing a room inconvenient. He was proud of his collection of handkerchiefs. B A B C D was not something she did often was something she complained about was not something she did well was her least favourite thing 5 Bill suggests that dinner was usually late because his mother C A B C D got caught up in other tasks.

You do NOT need to understand every single word in the text. Then read the text again carefully and underline the answers as you find them. Choose the one which best matches the evidence in the text. Tell your partner about them. She did not expect her family to eat it. She had a worse opinion of it than her son did. A Mr Bryson enjoyed eating over cooked food.

C they showed him a very different way of life.

Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid by Bill Bryson line 25 Because my parents both worked we were better off than most people of our socio-economic background which in Des Moines in the s was most people.

It was a white clapboard house with black shutters and a big screened porch atop a shady hill on the best side of town. My sister and brother were considerably older than I — my sister by six years, my brother by nine — and so were effectively adults from my perspective. They were big enough to be seldom around for most of my childhood.

For the first few years of my life, I shared a small bedroom with my brother.

Target FCE Teacher's Book Pack (Teacher's Book & Class Audio

We got along fine. My brother had constant colds and allergies, and owned at least four hundred cotton handkerchiefs, which he devotedly filled with great honks and then pushed into any convenient resting place — under the mattress, between sofa cushions, behind the curtains. When I was nine he left for college and a life as a journalist in New York City, never to return permanently, and I had the room to myself after that. But I was still finding his handkerchiefs when I was in high school.

My mother always ran late and was dangerously forgetful into the bargain. You soon learned to stand aside at about ten to six every evening, for it was then that she would fly in the back door, throw something in the oven, and disappear into some other quarter of the house to embark on the thousand other household tasks that greeted her each evening.

In consequence she nearly always forgot about dinner until a point slightly beyond way too late. As a rule you knew it was time to eat when you could hear potatoes exploding in the oven. We called it the Burns Unit. Vocabulary in context: home life 4 In pairs, find words in the text which refer to a parts of a house, b household appliances or furniture. How many other words can you think of?

Happily, all this suited my father. His palate only responded to two tastes — burned and ice cream — so everything was fine by him so long as it was sufficiently dark and not too startlingly flavourful. Theirs truly was a marriage made in heaven, for no one could burn food like my mother or eat it like my dad. As part of her job at the Des Moines Register the local newspaper my mother bought stacks of housekeeping magazines — House Beautiful, House and Garden, Better Homes and Gardens, Good Housekeeping — and I read these with a certain avidity, partly because they were always lying around and in our house all idle moments were spent reading something, and partly because they depicted lives so absorbingly at variance with our own.So if weknew we were going to live forever, we might neverbe able to experience the most powerful humanemotions, like falling in love.

Hang on — look, sorry,Martin. S: Thank you. The story contains replied, promised and explained. They dressed up to take their food out of the oven! An essential aid to the understanding and use of English and Spanish. Successfully reported this slideshow. It take effort to look this good, you know.