Editorial Reviews. Review. Billboard, “This Summer's Music Must-Reads,” 5/30/ 15 “Recounts a Lamb of God fans, and metal fans will surely enjoy this book. In , a nineteen-year-old super-fan rushed the stage during a Lamb of God concert in Prague. To protect himself, singer Randy Blythe pushed the fan away. Lamb of god vocalist D. Randall Blythe finally tells the whole incredible story of his . read online, online library, greatbooks to read, PDF best books to read, top .

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Download Ebooks download Dark Days: A Memoir E-book full PDF Free Description this book Lamb of god vocalist D. Randall Blythe finally. Dark Days Download (Read online) pdf eBook for free venarefeane.cf Visit love these ideas. Randy Blythe LAMB OF GOD Randy Blythe, Music Is Life, Heavy Metal, Lamb . Heresy- An Elizabethan Thriller, book 1, By: SJ Parris. 4/. Barnes &. Dark Days: A Memoir D. Randall Blythe it so when that was over God Loves You Very Much (Big Idea Books / VeggieTales) download pdf. Powered by TCPDF.

Vocalist D.

Randall "Randy" Blythe was looking forward to a few hours off—a rare break from the touring grind—in which to explore the elegant, old city. Two years prior, a year-old fan died of injuries suffered at a Lamb of God show in Prague, allegedly after being pushed off stage by Blythe, who had no vivid recollection of the incident.

Corey Taylor

Stage-crashing and -diving being not uncommon occurrences, as any veteran of hard rock, metal, and punk shows knows, the concert that could have left him imprisoned for years was but a vague blur in Blythe's memory, just one of the hundreds of shows his band had performed over their decades-long career. At the time of his arrest Blythe had been sober for nearly two years, having finally gained the upper hand over the alcoholism that nearly killed him. But here he faced a new kind of challenge: jailed in a foreign land and facing a prison sentence of up to ten years.

What transpired during Blythe's incarceration, trial, and eventual acquittal is a rock 'n' roll road story unlike any other, one that runs the gamut from tragedy to despair to hope and finally to redemption. While never losing sight of the sad gravity of his situation, Blythe relates the tale of his ordeal with one eye fixed firmly on the absurd and at times bizarrely hilarious circumstances he encountered along the way.

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Blythe is a natural storyteller and his voice drips with cutting humor, endearing empathy, and soulful insight. Randall Blythe's own story about what went down—before, during, and after—told only as he can. Had it with the vagaries of human behavior and life in this postmodern digital blanked-out waiting room that passes for a world.

Reality TV, awful music, terrible drivers, megamalls, airports, family reunions, bad fashion choices, other people's monstrous children, and badly-behaved "adult" human beings are warping life in the twenty-first century into an often-unbearable endurance test of one's patience, fortitude, and faith.

The Nerdy Book Addict Wow. Just wow..

D. Randall “Randy” Blythe and Corey Taylor

I have so much to say on this book. It was longer than most books that I have read so it took me a bit longer to read the whole thing and write my review on it.

Prepare for a long one! No joke. I have been a fan for years. I own all of their albums, I have tons of posters hanging on my walls, and a numerous amount of band t-shirts, I have even seen them live. I had followed and supported Randy in his whole ordeal with what had happened during one of his shows where he was falsely accused of manslaughter for pushing a fan offstage which ultimately ended in his death.

So of course when I knew that he was writing a book about all of his ordeals with the situation, I just HAD to read it. This book came out not very long ago and I rushed to get it the day that the library had it available.

Randy Blythe manslaughter case

This book has so much humor in just the right places as well as seriousness put together. I was hooked with just the first few sentences and was in major happiness mode knowing that I am reading a book that the singer from my favorite band had wrote.

You can really see his voice, his personality in every single sentence in the book. He is very honest, speaks nothing but the truth.

This is a very emotional book and had me laughing and in a certain part towards the end I had even cried. This book will have you laughing, and crying, and just sitting on the edge of your seat.

When reading this book I have learned how selfless he is. I had never realized how amazing, thoughtful and caring this guy was until I read his book.

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I was just a regular fan who was all about their music, but now I am a fan who respects him and his decisions he made. I respect the whole band in sticking together through his situation as they were there for him no matter what. I definitely look up to him now as well as the rest of the band.

Knowing what kind of guy he really is. This is a rare thing to find in people these days. This book is very inspiring. Randy gives great advice for people who are dealing with drug addictions, legal troubles, drinking problems or just plain out having a rough life.

He also explains that it is not just about being a musician in a band to actually make a career out of it.

He tells of his emotions of how one of his best friends from Slipknot had died. I use to listen to this band back when I was starting High School but they changed their music style and sadly I am not impressed anymore.

Dark Days: My Tribulations and Trials book by Randy Blythe online

Paul Gray had died the same night of the incident where a fan was pushed off stage and had died. Randy has also toured with Dimmu Borgir Another band that is definitely in my top three list. Randy wrote that he had been in the Ozzfest tour twice in , and Finally, I employed the time-honored technique I have embarrassedly witnessed American tourists use on disgusted locals around the globe: I spoke English as slowly and as loudly as possible.

Show related SlideShares at end. This was a wonderful surprise, as I had several things that I would be extremely grateful for in the coming days. His experience is one that is sad and enraging. It was like Blythe was me, I was Blythe, and I was with him side by side as he went through his ordeal.

Randall "Randy" Blythe was looking forward to a few hours off--a rare break from the touring grind--in which to explore the elegant, old city. My Tri